Touring THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX stars’ shops – PART 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the tour! If you haven’t yet read Part 1 detailing the shops gift bagsand bars located in Loughton and Buckhurst Hill, click HERE.

Moving on to Brentwood, this is where you’ll find the majority of the boutiques, salons and night life featured in THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX television show. It’s only a 40-minute drive from Southend-on-Sea where my friend Samantha and I live. The weather was much less appealing on Part 2 of our tour. Rain and drizzle isn’t ideal when you want to feel and look your best; nonetheless it didn’t deter us!

Alice at Minnie'sWe parked in the car park behind Ropers Yard which was perfect for our first stop at Minnies Boutique which is literally a stone’s throw away! Minnies Boutique is the chic boutique belonging to Sam and Billie Faiers. It’s situated at the back entrance to Ropers Yard – a mews of little shops. From outside it is quaint and attractive – shown here on the left. That’s me standing outside. Inside it is vibrantly decorated in deep hues of red and pink with leopard print upholstering to chairs. There is a fabulous range of day and evening wear – something for everyone. Upon entering the shop the sales girls were very welcoming and invited us to browse. It was a Alice in Minniesvery relaxed atmosphere and we chatted away to them, one of which was Sam and Billie’s Mum. She told us the girls were filming this day so we knew we wouldn’t see them, sadly. I asked if she’d mind us taking a few photos and she was more than happy with this. Here I am at the heavily jewelled cash till which always catches my eye when it’s caught in shot on TOWIE.

I became rather attached to a stylish sweater and was ‘umming’ and ‘arring’ about buying it. I walked away without it saying I might call in again on my way back. One of the sales girls noticed the sweater I was wearing saying they used to sell the exact same one. I confessed I’d bought it from their website!

Alice at Amys salonNext on our list was Amy Child’s Salon. We found this set back off the road in a small parade of shops just a short walk away. As with Lauren’s Way salon in Buckhurst Hill, we didn’t venture inside as you can’t exactly browse a salon and we weren’t there with any intention to buy a treatment, therefore it didn’t seem right. Instead we just had our photos taken outside. Here’s mine!

Harrys worldFrom here, we crossed the road to a side street which is home to Harry Derbidge’s Harry’s World, Amy Child’s Boutique and Lucy Mecklenburgh’s Lucy’s Boutique.

Alice & HarryWe began at Harry’s World which is small but attractively stocked with bags, shoes, scarves, all kinds of ‘bling’ accessories, and cosmetics. What a lovely surprise when we walked in and found Harry alone unpacking new stock! I think I can speak for Samantha too when I say that we felt instantly comfortable in his presence. He was exactly as he appears on screen in both looks and personality and called us ‘babes’ as we chatted whilst browsing. I purchased some cosmetics and asked him if he’d mind having his picture taken with me. He instantly obliged and then had another taken with Samantha. We were both thrilled to have found one cast member on our tour, and such a lovely one too; would there be another?

Amy's boutiqueJust a couple of shops down from Harry’s is Amy Child’s Boutique. What an attractive shop, decorated in white and purple inside and out. Something we have found in all the shops is that the staff are all so accommodating and friendly and Amy’s boutique was no exception. In here I bought a bottle of Amy’s perfume for Samantha as an early Alice at Amy'sbirthday gift. Whilst we were there a group of girls arrived clearly doing the TOWIE tour also! After gaining permission from the sales girl to take a photo in what appeared to be a display purposefully set up for photo opportunities, we grabbed our moment quickly to allow the other girls to do the AMYPERFUMEsame, and then said our ‘thanks’ and ‘goodbyes’ before moving on to Lucy’s Boutique another couple of doors away.

Lucy’s Boutique is much smaller than I’d imagined and very well stocked with some beautiful clothes and accessories. Those who know me well also know that I’m a lover of all things daisies – hence my nickname Daisykins. I was lucymeckdressinstantly attracted to a ‘drop tail’ casual dress which has a marvellous floral design printed on the front depicting daisies. I was like a moth to a flame! It was in the sale too and at £29.99 I couldn’t resist. I simply had to have it! I’ve yet to wear it as it was autumn at the time and not the right kind of weather, but now we are almost in to summer I shall be bringing it out for an airing very soon!

We did take some photos in this shop but they are on Samantha’s phone and I’ve yet to receive them. I’ll add one Lucy's Boutiqueeventually. All I can show you is the shop front taken at an awkward angle – we couldn’t get back far enough as it’s on such a busy street and the path is narrow.

We had booked a lunch time table at the hub of TOWIE – the Sugar Hut and were very excited to eat there and see what all the fuss was about. Just as we we left Lucy’s Boutique the heavens opened and the rain fell! We didn’t want to turn up at Sugar Hut looking like drowned rats, so we raced there as quick as we could which was no mean feat as Samantha had her baby girl in a pushchair. She had a whizz of a ride there!

sugar hutArriving at the Sugar Hut we were met inside by a lovely waitress who instantly showed us to a table for two in the middle of the restaurant. The place was empty except for another couple seated down the front. The service was excellent, the food was served quickly, and it was very tasty! We opted for three courses and it was very reasonably priced. A very pleasurable experience! Again photos taken inside are no doubt still on Samantha’s phone as I don’t appear to have any. 😦

Whilst there we checked Twitter only to find that Billie Faiers had just tweeted that she was in Minnies Boutique where we’d begun Part 2 of our tour! It was only across the road but we were just half way through our meal. We decided not to rush and to call in to Minnies on our way back to the car. Unfortunately, Billie had left by the time we returned – so near and yet so far!

JoeyessexfuseyAlthough our tour is now over it is certainly time we did it all again! Things have changed in Brentwood since we were there. Lucy’s Boutique has upgraded and moved to a new, much larger store. I understand Harry’s World has increased in size too. There is an addition too – Joey Essex has recently launched his men’s clothing store Fusey which also stocks a small range of Chloe Sims’ Starship collection.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this tour – it’s definitely a ‘must do’ day out for all TOWIE fans. Highly recommended!

3 thoughts on “Touring THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX stars’ shops – PART 2

  1. Brilliant. Looks like you had a fun time, love the photos and the shops all look very appealing. Another good read. I don’t watch Towie but I know a lot of the faces as they are always appearing on chat shows. Love Rosie

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