Little Miss Sunshine… ;)

sunshine-blog-award-picA most wonderful lady, one I feel proud and honoured to call a friend, has nominated me and my blog for a Sunshine Award. Apparently this means my blog is considered inspiring! How very lovely – I feel quite humbled. Thank you Taylor Fulks, who is herself an amazing inspiration, not to mention a very talented author (among other things) of an absolutely incredible novel called My Prison Without Bars: The Journey of a Damaged Woman to Some Place Normal. She also writes a fabulous blog – why don’t you visit her sometime?

The Rules: When you receive the award, you are asked to do a few things…

  1. Post the Sunshine Award Logo you see at the top.
  2. Accept the nomination and link back to the nominator.
  3. Answer the questions below.
  4. Nominate ten other blogs and inform them of the nomination.

That’s it!

The Questions:daisymobile

  1. My favourite colour ~ I’ve always loved yellow because it reminds me of bright sunshine (very fitting for a Sunshine Award!) which always lifts my spirits and puts a bounce in my step. I don’t surround myself at home with yellow things but I do have quite a few spring and summer clothes in this colour. My previous car was bright yellow too! 😉
  2. My favourite animal ~ I absolutely adore small monkeys. I don’t care which breed they are! I don’t know why I love them, I just do. monkey
  3. My favourite number ~ I don’t have a favourite number. Ask me again if I ever win the lottery big time! I won the lottery ‘tiny time’ this week – just £10! I’m not sure I should call any of those chosen numbers ‘lucky’ because they weren’t lucky enough. 😉 hehe. Greedy me!
  4. peppermint teaMy favourite non-alcoholic beverage ~ Peppermint tea! I would have said black coffee with two sweeteners but I’m trying to keep away from it, except at weekends, because I want to keep my teeth stain free. I drink lots of peppermint tea and if I visit coffee shops or restaurants it’s always my preferred hot drink. Here’s one I drank last week complete with a massive cream scone! What a piggywink I am. 😉
  5. My favourite alcoholic beverage ~ I don’t drink much but at weekends I tend to have a small glass of white or rose wine each evening. If I’m socialising I have a small rose wine spritzer (with soda). I get tiddly on very little alcohol these days and suffer with humungous hangovers – I don’t consider a few drinks worth the pain and sickness that follow so I remain very controlled.
  6. Facebook or Twitter ~ Facebook for socialising, all the way! I spend far too much time there. I spend a lot of time at Twitter too but I use that mainly as a promotional vehicle. Having said that, I do chat with tweeters there and I’ve ‘met’ some wonderful people who I can now call friends. In fact, it’s how Taylor and I met, so it must be a good thing! 🙂
  7. maldivesMy passions ~ My partner, my family and my beautiful friends. I love days out and holidays away with my man – we have some wonderful times together. Here we are in the Maldives last year, a place I am most passionate about – it is Heaven on earth. Other passions are promoting my novel THE MAN IN A HAYSTACK of which I am so very proud, and my blog which I’m now committed to writing regularly.
  8. Giving or Receiving Gifts ~ Giving, always. It’s the whole process I love. Going in search of a gift, or coming across one by accident – being filled with warm thoughts of the receiver and imagining how they will feel when they unwrap it. I love gift wrapping too – sometimes I get quite creative and make them look very fancy!
  9. Favourite City ~ florenceI’ve been blessed to go to quite a lot of cities in my time. I think I’d have to say the most beautiful was Florence, Italy. It’s such a romantic place. I was very young (sixteen) at the time; the memory has faded and therefore I’d like to visit again with my grown up, mature head, and appreciate it much more second time around.
  10. Favourite TV Shows ~ That’s easy! I’m a soap addict. I love Coronation Street and Eastenders, and also the reality soap The Only Way is Essex. I’m also a big fan of reality game shows such as Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here. I love Britain’s Got Talent and XFactor, although I watch the latter mainly for the banter between the judges. If I didn’t like the judges I’d probably ditch the show as it’s lost a lot of its originality and appeal over the years.

My Ten Nominees:

  1. Geoffrey West @GeoffreyDWest
  2. Jess Sturman-Coombs @JessSturman
  3. Toni Morrow Wyatt @Toni1777
  4. Debra Dunbar @debra_dunbar
  5. Patricia Mann @patriciamann11
  6. Terry Tyler @terrytyler4
  7. Lizzie Lamb @lizzie_lamb
  8. Elke Feuer @elkefeuer
  9. Brea Brown @breabrown3
  10. Pauline Wiles @paulinewiles

Thank you Taylor for nominating me for the Sunshine Award! It’s been fun taking part and I hope you’ve learned a little more about the person behind this blog, as I have certainly learned more about you in reading your answers to the same questions.

12 thoughts on “Little Miss Sunshine… ;)

  1. Congrats Alice, you deserve it. I’ve seen Taylor Fulks’s tweets, her books look good, she’s obviously nice, will look at her books. Very good blog as always

    • Thanks for the compliment Geoff! It means a lot.

      Yes, please do check out Taylor’s book. OMG it is incredible! I am juggling 2 books at the moment – both very different – Taylor’s and also Jess Sturman-Coombs’ Poker Face. I don’t get a lot of time to read and I have a fight with my conscience every time I pick one up and not the other. 🙂 Hehe. I need two pairs of eyes to cope.

    • Aaah bless you – well, it’s my pleasure and especially after how supportive you have always been to me Geoff. You are an absolute gent and it’s nice to be able to do something for you. X

  2. I absolutely love how you did this Alice!!! I’m coming to England next summer and we MUST meet! You, my lovely friend, are one of the greatest blessings of my book journey! I’m so grateful I found you!

    Love and hugs…

    • Yes, I read on your Sunshine Award blog post that you’re coming to good ol’ Blighty next year! 🙂 One request, please bring some sunshine with you. It rains here… lots! LOL X

  3. Now, let’s get this straight; you’re admitting in public to watching TOWIE and BGT???!!! Ha ha! Nice post, Alice, and thanks for asking me, even though time necessitates that I decline. I was almost tempted to do it just so I could answer the ‘giving or receiving gifts’ question with RECEIVING, just to be the only person who dared do so…! The Maldives sounds and looks wonderful 🙂

    • Yes, and furthermore I meant to add Made In Chelsea! 😉 Mwwahahahahaaaa! I am such a sucker for trash TV. I don’t care who knows it either.

      Oooh the Maldives – completely breath taking! We’ve been twice now and it’s my most favourite place on earth.

      No worries about declining the nomination. Your name is staying there and you can pick it up any time in the future if you change your mind. 😉 X

  4. Good luck with this Alice, hope you get your award. You really are a sunshine person, missing you loads and loads, but at least I have your blogs and book reviews which are wonderful. Congratulations, and love, Rosiexxx

    • Aaah thanks Rosie. I’m sure we’ll see each other soon. I know it says ‘nominated’ for the Sunshine Award – but in these kind of blogs the nomination translates as the award, so everyone who takes part has effectively won. There are multiple winners. 🙂 X

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