Meeting Mr Ghostie… ;)

mrghostieHave you ever seen a ghost? As a Christian I am supposed to steer well clear of the paranormal. Clairvoyants, seances, ghost hunting… they are all out of bounds.

I didn’t become a Christian until I was 33 in 1997. My childhood was idyllic. I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, an era filled with sweet memories I shall treasure forever. My sister became a Christian in her middle to late teens – probably around 1970. Not until the late 1980s did other members of my family follow suit. My brothers and my Mum all came to know God – it was just my dear old Dad who struggled with it all and never actually committed to Christianity.

In the 1970s my Mum went to regular spiritualist meetings locally with her father Joe (my grandfather who I affectionately called Poppa) and together they would participate in seances. I recall hearing about an artist (who also happened to be a medium) attending one meeting and sending Poppa home with a pencil drawing of his spirit guide, a red Indian of all things! He kept that picture on his lounge wall until the day he died (on my birthday in 1993). My mother had long since renounced her involvement in these meetings when she became a Christian and I am sure she confessed to God and asked for His forgiveness. Her conscience now clear and feeling cleansed she could proceed on her Christian path. Had she brought home with her though a ghostly ‘friend’ from a spiritualist meeting many years earlier? I ask this for one reason – I came face to face with him in 1976 when I was twelve years old.

Now, firstly I must apologise for my appalling artwork, however I did want to give you a good idea of what I was faced with, and illustrations can be helpful (and might even be amusing in this case!).

floorplanI lived at 251 Ashingdon Road, Rochford, Essex, from birth until 1978. During that time, 251 was a chalet design – it has since been extended upwards and outwards and is unrecognisable these days. Take a look at the floor plan. You’ll see that the kitchen was at the back of the house and the lounge at the front. In the lounge stood my Dad’s favourite ‘toy’ at the time, an electric organ, against the wall on the left hand side. In front of that was the organ stool. In the kitchen, the sink was against the back wall overlooking the garden.

family1970sIn the picture on the right you can see my parents, siblings and I standing in the back garden with the kitchen window directly behind my Mum. That’s me as a tot (front left).

On this poignant day in 1976, one which I will remember vividly for the rest of my life, it was mid-afternoon and just my Mum and I were at home. I’d been in my bedroom, was feeling thirsty and came downstairs to the kitchen for a mug of water.

The mug I selected has relevance to the story. I recall it very specifically and would not have wanted it to come to the slightest bit of harm. I was a mahooooooooosive fan of teen idol David Cassidy and cherished anything bearing his image. My David Cassidy mug was always my first choice to drink from! I place 100% blame on Mr Ghostie for the parting of our ways this day!

I was stood at the kitchen sink with my back to the lounge pouring water in to my mug from the tap. As I turned to face the lounge with the mug held to my lips, there sitting bolt upright on the stool, sideways to me with his back to the electric organ, was a man dressed in a black top hat and tails, black shoes, and dark grey/charcoal trousers. His hair had a fringe, was very dark, loose and wavy. I’d say he was in his late twenties or early thirties.

tophattedmanPeople who talk of ghosts often refer to them as being in mist form or translucent. Not my Mr Ghostie! He was as solid looking as you or I. Instinctively though, I knew he was not in his correct era. Also, the fact that his black lace up shoes were gleaming, almost to the point of basking in a calming glow, was a give away that he was not an intruder with intention to cause me harm. Nevertheless, the sight of him froze me to the spot.

The most spooky thing of all was, as I watched him sitting in silence and very still, his head moved 90 degrees to look at me. His body remained perfectly still. Try replicating this if you will? Sit upright with your hands in your lap looking straight ahead of you, then count five seconds whilst you turn your head (not your body) 90 degrees to your right. That five seconds seems a long time and your head turns very slowly. I am guessing it was five seconds, of course – I didn’t stand there with a stop watch! It was spine chilling. At the very moment his eyes locked with mine, IT happened… in total fright I dropped my… DAVID CASSIDY MUG!!!! Aaarghhhh! As it hit the floor, smashed, and water splashed up my legs, I momentarily shifted my eyes from Mr Ghostie and when I glanced back, he was gone.

Hearing my kitchen accident my Mum came rushing to see what I’d broken. I’m sure she was relieved to see it was only my David Cassidy mug and not one of her favourite pieces of crockery! ONLY my David Cassidy mug? Hmmpppff!

DC mug

A DC mug from the same era (thanks to Wendy Wright for this picture)

I explained to my Mum what had happened and she was especially interested in the fact that Mr Ghostie’s shoes were shiny and glowing. When I asked who he could be she said he was very possibly my grandfather Harry because apparently he was forever polishing his army boots. Harry had died in the 1950s long before I made an appearance. I accepted the explanation at the time but having since seen photos of him there was definitely no resemblance whatsoever to Mr Ghostie.

The whole experience made quite an impression on me which has lasted until this day. It raised many questions and left me with a lifelong fascination of the paranormal. People scoff and laugh at ghost stories and ‘poo-poo’ the existence of ghosts, and maybe I would too if I’d not seen one with my very own eyes. I know I did nothing whatsoever to encourage this sighting at such a young and innocent age. It most certainly was NOT my imagination and there was no way on earth that I would have smashed my David Cassidy mug in an effort to have anyone believe my story! That thing was sacred to me at the time! Therefore I know what I saw and I’ll never let anyone try to convince me otherwise.

Before I was a Christian I visited a clairvoyant twice but since my baptism I have not dabbled in that area and would never do so again. I did watch Most Haunted with great intrigue and fascination for years and felt safe on the other side of the TV screen. However, for a period of about six years following my Mum’s death in 1999 I had several paranormal experiences. Some were pleasant but a couple were positively evil and frightening. I will share all of these with you in my next blog post.

Until then, I would absolutely love you to leave comments below. Also, I invite you to share any paranormal experiences of your own.

20 thoughts on “Meeting Mr Ghostie… ;)

  1. Very very interesting Alice. I’ve never experienced anything like that, but so many people have that it can;t be dismissed. why is it that some people get really angry when you say you;re interested in psychich phenomena? They really get furious, and I think it must be that subliminally they;re scared, and they have to bluster to make it disappear. Okay, many people may imagine things, some may invent, but a great many, like you, genuinely experienced something unexplainable

    • Thank you Geoff! Yes, it makes me angry too because I KNOW and have seen with my own eyes. I think those kind of people who refuse to keep an open mind won’t ever accept it unless they are faced with something like I was, and then there is absolutely no denying it.

      As usual, it touches me that you have read and replied to my blog post. Bless you. X

  2. Very interesting Alice. I remember you telling me this story some time ago.
    I am really interested in paranormal experiences, but I don’t have one of my own to tell I’m afraid. Look forward to any further experiences, and thanks for sharing x.

  3. I’ve seen a spirit ( as they prefer to be referred to apparently). It was approx 10 years ago and my hubbie and I were in a holiday cottage in Bala, Wales. We were staying in a converted stable nextdoor to the owners house. It was an upside down property so we went downstairs to the bedrooms.
    One night not long after we had fallen asleep I woke suddenly to see someone standing in the door way. The door was actually shut so they were just this side of it. It was certainly a gentleman and he appeared to be in military uniform. He wasn’t at all intimidating and his posture showed me that he was as confused as I was in what the other was doing there. I woke my husband who said not to be silly and that no one’s there. I promptly went back to sleep and forgot about this ‘meet’ for about 4 years. Just like that, one day I remembered. I asked my hubbie if he remembers me waking him about the ‘visitor’ and he said he did.
    It wasn’t a dream, there was 100 percent, someone there. Who and why remains a mystery. X

    • Yes, ‘spirit’ is more fitting, I totally agree. I wanted to call him something though, and Mr Ghostie sounded nice and friendly (LOL!) so I used that word for consistency throughout the blog post.

      LOVE your encounter. Wow! How incredible is that? I’m amazed you forgot about it for a few years. Have you ever looked in to the history of that holiday cottage?

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Come back next week for some more spooky tales. X

  4. Hello Alice.

    Thank you so very much for sharing your experience. I should tell you, you’re not alone either.

    My first ghostly/otherworldly experience happened when I was three (I saw my great x8 grandmother – who’d been dead 200+ years at the time) and I’ve been living with spirits/ghosts/apparitions and the like ever since. I spent an entire summer with four of them one year in the mountains of North Carolina, I’ve got one that’s in my house even today and has been “around” since I was 16. (He loves to hide my keys, cell phone, pencils, pens, whatever he can maneuver when he wants attention.) His name is John and believe it or not, he has saved my life on several occasions over the years.

    So, my suggestion is, Christianity not withstanding, don’t be afraid. Your visitors are most likely there for a reason. They have something to say, or they need your help, or maybe they just want to be seen/remembered. You never know unless you ask…

    Just my two cents worth on the matter. Btw, love the drawings…:D

    • Hi Margaret, thanks for dropping by and commenting. What a fabulous comment too! I do think it’s very common for children to see spirits. I have a friend who had visitations when she was 3 or 4 years old which she remembers very vividly. Her story has been met with much scepticism over the years and she will not hear of it being anything other than what she says it is. A spirit that has saved your life? Sounds like an angel… πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much for sharing a snippet of your many experiences. Do visit again next week when I will reveal more of mine. X

  5. It would be very arrogant to think that we are the only “beings” in our Universe. There are many more dimensions “vibrating” at another level than ours. The only way why we don’t see them, is because their vibration is of a different kind than ours. And with our eyes we can’t see this dimension or our instruments can’t measure their vibration (yet). If we do see them, it must be because either we “raise” our vibration or they temporarily ‘lower’ theirs. But there are way too many experiments and testimonials that prove there is an existence of other dimensions…. And like I said, it would be pretentious to think we are the only conscious beings in our Galaxy πŸ™‚ But very brave of you to share your experience in public Alice. Most of us are scared to talk about it, because in our reality, you must be “crazy”. Looking forward to read about your other experiences…. Shame of that mug though !!

    • Very interesting take on the subject Marina, about living in different dimensions! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for contributing to the discussion. I’m glad you enjoyed this post, and yes, damn that mug! LOL

  6. Hi Alice, what a thought provoking write up. You have told me this story before but it was really interesting to see your picture, and really well drawn. He does look quite a nice chap, but the swivelling head would most definitely have been terrifying and I would have dropped anything I was holding, too. I never had any of those experiences living in that house. I thought maybe it was Fred Astaire from your picture – heehee! I believe in the paranormal but don’t dwell on any stories of such due to my Christian beliefs, however I believe they are the personification of people by Satan, as the Bible says that no one from the other side is allowed to contact us. Likewise at seances and spiritualist meetings, I believe the messages from the other side are Satan’s way of trying to convince us to discount God’s version of what happens when we pass away, and make us search with unGodly methods for the truth, by developing a fascination for the forbidden rather than just reading the Truth in the Word of God. I definitely believe in angels and have heard many stories of their timely protection and help in times of need. But again, it is not necessary to worship angels or get too fascinated with them but instead, fix our attention on our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ whose presence leaves only the feeling of utter joy and peace – and no fear whatsoever. We are meant to pursue a relationship with Him – and He gladly offers one.
    Another good read and a lovely picture of our little family – don’t you look so sweet!

    • Thanks for your fab contribution to this subject Rosie! I agree with what you say however I think if you’d actually seen Mr Ghostie with your own eyes you’d always have a natural interest in the subject. He was definitely a nice ghostie and the glowing feet looked, in a way, holy. I’d be more worried about some of the other experiences I’ll write about next week which had an evil feel about them. Stay tuned! πŸ™‚ X

      • I find it so difficult to locate bloggers who are willing to take part in these kind of posts or who haven’t already done so. It’s such a shame because I think posts like this are so much fun. I’m grateful for the invitation. Have a great week! X

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