My paranormal experiences

As promised in last week’s blog (Meeting Mr Ghostie…) I’ve had several other experiences which I have attributed to the paranormal. They commenced from the time my Mum passed away in January 1999 until the day of my aunt’s funeral six years later. During those six years my Dad had departed us too in November 2000. I mention these bereavements because my gut instinct has always told me that most of my experiences were connected.

I shall recall the incidents in the order they occurred and will begin with Mum’s passing on 4 January 1999 from a most horrifying disease called Motor Neurone Disease (Lou Gehrig’s Disease/ALS).

Mum and I could not have loved each other more – I had so much love for her that my heart could have burst with it. She was mumalso my best friend. I told her everything because I felt she never judged me and was always proud of me. I struggled emotionally with her terminal diagnosis but had always kept strong in her and my Dad’s company as I didn’t want to add to their misery.

It was just a matter of days following my Mum’s demise that I was awoken from my sleep by the back of my neck being tickled; a definite feeling of finger tips on skin. It wasn’t frightening – it was loving and playful. I’d never experienced anything like it before but during the course of the next six years it happened quite a few times. I could only attribute it to my Mum having fun with me.

One night I was awoken by the smoke alarm positioned on the ceiling in the hall outside my bedroom; it was bleeping every minute or so – a sure sign that the battery needed replacing. I tried to sleep through it but it was impossible and in desperation I retrieved some portable steps from the hall cupboard, climbed up to the alarm and removed the battery intending to replace it with a new one first thing in the morning. I put the steps away and went back to bed. Imagine my chills when the smoke alarm continued to bleep! The next morning I replaced the battery and it stopped bleeping. Then I removed the battery again to see if the bleeping would recommence, as it had done so in the night. No – not one bleep!

This next experience was very frightening and definitely did not come from a good place. I awoke suddenly to feel the full body weight of somebody laying on top of me – it began to rock slightly from side to side. It was pitch black and I could see nothing. I was paralysed with fright. Sensing this was evil personified I called out loud “In the name of Jesus Christ, leave me NOW!” Peace and calm was immediately restored.

In July 2000 I moved house and expected these experiences to stop. If any of it had been linked to my Mum, I didn’t consider that she would follow me to a house she’d never known. How wrong could I be?

Dad became ill in August 2000 and was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Naturally I became stressed, trying to deal with the grief and also juggle my full time job with his care and eventually regular visits to the hospital. I didn’t know how I could carry on being strong for everyone around me, and it was during that time that I occasional smelt a strong fragrance of lavender come from nowhere. Lavender is a natural stress reliever. One time I was in my lounge willing the phone calls from well wishers to cease (as well meaning and appreciated as they were) because I needed to stop thinking and talking about it all. I wanted to step away and detach myself from the nightmare just for one evening. The smell of lavender seemed to engulf me from nowhere. Another time I was in my car parked on my driveway about to drive to the hospital to see Dad when the smell swept over me again and lingered. I asked out loud, “Is that you Mum?” and my confirmation was the smell of a perfume she used to wear. It was very comforting. Even though she could not be with me in physical form to cling to and cry to, just feeling/smelling her presence was enough to calm me at that moment.

Dad’s illness was relatively short – from diagnosis he was only with us for four more months. His death was a shock to the system especially as it came relatively soon after Mum had passed too. I had to take a few weeks off work to get my head straight and feel motivated again.

One morning soon after Dad had passed away I was in my bedroom getting dressed and peered in to the mirror to begin applying make-up. There looking back at me was not my reflection but my Dad’s face! What was even more strange was that it was my Dad’s young face, not his 77 year-old face. He was there just for a second and my face replaced his. youngdad2Here’s a photo of my young Dad.

When my Dad was alive he was a bit of a character – I’ve never met a Dad like him before or since. There were, however, very many similarities between Richard Wilson’s ‘Victor Meldrew’ (of One Foot in the Grave fame) and my Dad. I remember one episode of One Foot in the Grave where I could hardly believe my eyes when Victor reeked of the potent smell of TCP. My Dad, you see, had a thing about TCP and was forever using it. I never smelt after shave or cologne on Dad, only TCP! Why am I telling you this? Quite simply, I was in my loft room one hot summer’s day having a clear out of unwanted belongings when the smell of TCP swept over me. It had to be my Dad – such a random smell could not have come from anywhere else. I sat and waited for the smell to leave but it was stubborn and remained potent refusing to fade, so I left instead! After an hour I returned and it had gone.

Dad’s sister Ivy (my aunt) became a big part of my life after he passed away. She was elderly and had relied on my Dad for everything since she’d lost her husband Β many years earlier. Therefore, when Dad passed, my siblings and I knew she’d be frightened, lonely and in great emotional pain, and naturally we all stepped forward to make a fuss of her and help her. I made sure I visited her twice a week so that she could expect and enjoy some company and also I kept her house clean. When she became ill with dementia and a danger to herself we had no option but to find a care home for her – something I never wanted to do to any of my family but sometimes there is no other way. We kept a close eye on her (and the home) until she passed away on 17 December 2005. Unfortunately, because of the timing of her demise so close to Christmas and new year, there were a few weeks before the funeral could go ahead.

During those few weeks I had a couple of similar experiences which terrified me. I was in bed when I was awoken by someone sitting down on the edge of the bed. The bed actually dipped to one side with their weight. I was so scared I kept my head under the duvet whilst I prayed silently asking Jesus to help me, and as I did so I felt their physical movement as they stood up and the mattress returned to its natural form.

Thankfully from the day of Ivy’s funeral eight years ago I have experienced nothing else that I could attribute to being of paranormal origin.

I’m sure sceptics can come up with explanations for any of these encounters. After all, many took place in bedrooms and it is very easy for people to flippantly suggest I was dreaming. I’ve had enough nightmares and dreams (some very vivid) to be able to tell the difference though. As for the bleeping smoke alarm, there will be those who say it was a faulty alarm, however as I said, I tested it the following day to recreate the situation and it did not repeat the ‘malfunction’. Also, if you remove the source of power from the alarm how can it continue to bleep? The smells of lavender and TCP could be explained if I had either in the house/car, but I didn’t. The face in the mirror – my imagination playing tricks? If so, I would have expected to see my Dad as I knew him in later life, not a young version I’d never known.

So, there you have it – think of it all what you will. I’m grateful the activity has long since ceased although some of it was a comfort when I needed it most.

As with all my posts, I welcome your comments! Over to you. πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “My paranormal experiences

  1. Hi Alice,
    I can relate to your experiences as I had similar after my mum died in 1968. My sister and I used to contact her with an ouija board and it all became a bit scary. I’ve written about this in my memoir Shadow Across the Sun. Many years later in 2004 I saw a clairvoyant and the first thing she said to me was ‘Who’s Lily in spirit?’ Lily was my mum, which I told her and she then said that she was my guardian angel, watching over me and sending love. Like you I once had the sensation of someone sitting on the bed, and once I smelt a strong smell of perfume which I couldn’t place. It was long after my mum’s death so I couldn’t remember the smell of her perfume but not too long after the clairvoyant’s message. I do feel my mum close but I always ask her not to do anything spooky! As long as she doesn’t I find it comforting. It’s interesting that the image you saw of your dad was when he was young. I’ve heard people say on TV programmes that we revert to a younger form of ourselves when we pass. I really hope so as I’d like to think I’d once again be healthy and thin!! x

    • Hey Sherrie, great to see you at my blog and thank you for a marvellous comment. Very interesting stuff! You’re a braver woman than I – I could/would never dabble with a ouija board. Scary :(.

      I have a perfume that belonged to my Mum. It’s one of those solid cream perfumes and it’s in a little tin. I only have to open it to smell her again. Very comforting. πŸ™‚ X

      • That’s lovely to have your mum’s perfume, I wish I had. My mum used to use 4711 Eau de Cologne and I loved the smell but I can’t remember what it smells like now. When I got that smell of perfume I seemed to think it was that but couldn’t have been sure.

        I’d never dabble with an ouija board again I think that they can be dangerous but it was many years ago and someone at school had told me about it. I thought ‘Great, we can chat to Mum,’ but it was scary – fascinating but scary!

  2. Hello Alice, very very interesting blog. My mother died in Sept 1999, and a few odd things certainly happened. A photo of a friend and her baby had been on the mantelpice in the living room, where the assembled party were after the funeral. It fell down onto the carpet. Someone said ‘that;s Margot!’ (her name was Margot). Afterwards I assumed it was a draught, but when I recreated the situation and blew as hard as I could from all directions, nothing shifted it. Later the record player stopped working temporarily, similarly my car;s radio. I think interfering with electical items is quite a common one. Your experiences are really chilling, scaring about the heavy ‘evil’ weight.

    • I love these stories – I know that sceptics would just have an explanation with a snap of the fingers but not the right one in my opinion. Yes, I’ve heard also that electrical interference is a common indication of spirit presence especially ‘white noise’ on the TV. They did a few experiments on Most Haunted with white noise.

  3. Finally – I return. I don;t why the iPad doesn’t like leaving comments on blog – but there we are. Anyhoo, down to business. I’ve had one or two paranormal experiences but not as many as my sister who must be a ‘wee bit psychic’ as she puts it. I had shivers running down my spine reading your post, Alice.
    Here’s my experience, such as it is. I had left the hospital room for a few moments when my mother was nearing the end of her life and during those moments she passed away. When I was fetched by the nurse she told me to keep talking to my mother as the brain holds on to the last vestiges of consciousness. And I did that and it was as if my mother was just sleeping. Then, something happened. A coldness, a chill passed through me and I knew she was no longer with us in spirit or corporeally. The room felt ’empty’ and I knew she’d gone forever.
    As bad luck would have it, we had just moved house and I had to be in work almost the next day. Maybe it was because I was consciously thinking of her but suddenly she was with me. I could smell her and I knew she was trying to tell me not to worry. Then about six months later when all of the above plus looking after my step-father were taking their toll she came into my head as I was driving along and told me to let all the family get on without me.
    Imagination? Wishful thinking? Who knows. But that has been my experience.

    • Wow! Lovely comment Lizzie, thank you πŸ™‚ VERY interesting stuff. I think these kind of signs can’t be ignored.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my ramblings… come back soon! X

  4. Your experience is a little similar to what happened to my dad. I was just a baby at the time, and my dad worked in a store. An older woman approached him and said, “Your name is Bill.” Wearing a name tag, my dad kept his sarcastic remark to himself. “Your wife’s name is Ann.” She was correct that in English my mother’s name is Ann. “And you have a daughter, Mary.” Again, correct in the English version. The strange lady continued. “My master knows all about you. Two geminis and a libra. A powerful combination.” She finally said, “I know you keep a dictionary in the dining, on your shelf. Go and look up ‘Old Nick.’ He is my master.” Who keeps a dictionary in their dining room? Well, we did. So my dad went home and curiously looked it up. If you haven’t already Googled it. Old Nick is another form of Satan.


    • Oh my goodness Maria, that has sent serious chills down my spine. I knew exactly what you meant when you said ‘Old Nick’. I don’t like this story but it is fascinating all the same. Thank you so much for sharing this.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting. Please do visit again soon! X

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