Dreams… what do they all mean? ;)

Did you miss me? I wasn’t able to blog last week due to being without an Internet connection but I’m back in the room now and normal service is resumed.

sleepingladyThis week I’m talking about dreams. I’ve always found them fascinating. What do they all mean? I love trying to work mine out – I try to translate them in to my ‘real time’ life, my thoughts and concerns. Here’s one I had at the weekend. Picture this…

I was sitting on a long bench in the middle of a busy shopping centre with my Mum (who passed away in 1999). The bench was the sort you’d see in a park. We were taking part in a training course – for what exactly, I don’t know. We weren’t alone either; there were other people seated and participating also.

Then it was clearly time to wrap up as people began to stand ready to leave. There was a gentleman sitting opposite us, a black man, and I knew he was once very famous in the music world. (I’m thinking, someone like Billy Ocean but not him and no one I actually recognise in ‘real time’). In my dream I knew he had fallen from a very great height of stardom. He was wearing black eye liner and bright red lipstick. He had his own style going on.

He liked to tell stories. He was a ‘jaw-me-dead’ and I knew from past experience that when he started talking, people would groan silently because they knew they were in for a long ride and a touch of snooze time! 😉 Mum and I stood to leave, but Mr Jaw-Me-Dead launched in to a story.

“They say I have sexual cancer, you know…” he announced. He was with a lady, (nondescript) and she hurried him just by pulling at his arm and got him to stand. He clearly realised his story had to be terminated right there.

As he stood, so did we, but he could only stand in a squatting position. He was wearing black skin-tight cotton leggings (something I virtually live in at home!). As he squatted and rocked side to side and attempted to turn his back to us to walk away, the sunshine hit his bottom and legs and Mum and I could see that the leggings were hanging slightly lower than they should be. The sunlight made the leggings transparent momentarily around the crotch area and we could see the outline of his bulging ‘underneath parts’ as he awkwardly walked away in squatting position!

We were standing and I realised I had left my handbag on the ground at the bench directly behind me. I turned to retrieve it and in doing so I noticed a man’s long tweed coat thrown there filling two thirds of the bench. The coat moved suddenly and there was in actual fact a man inside it. I realised it was a tramp and I assumed he’d been there all night (but how can he have been, when we were just sitting there moments before?). I picked up my bag and had a strong feeling that money had been stolen from my purse (inside the bag) by the man on the bench. At this point I awoke!

Normally I can’t remember my dreams in such detail, or sometimes I can but only for a minute or two and then the memory fades quickly. This time however, I continued to recall the dream for five to ten minutes and then my partner awoke and I recounted it all to him. I think this is why I can remember it all in as much detail today.

Any dreams analysts out there?


15 thoughts on “Dreams… what do they all mean? ;)

  1. I enjoyed this blog as I dream a lot and they’re often quite vivid. My husband says that if my dreams were analysed they’d lock me up and throw away the key – ha ha!
    Last night I dreamt that my first husband had married my brother’s ex-wife and she treated him like dirt. I watched on bemused at how she managed to get away with it. What was all that about? I haven’t seen him for about 25 years and her for about 15 – weird!

    • Mwwahahahahaaaa! Oh isn’t it funny Diane 😉 there must be explanations eh? Either that or we really are barking mad. Haha 😉 X

  2. I know we are encouraged to write about dreams.What do they mean? I had a strong dream about my Dad who has been missing since 1997 during a nap yesterday afternoon and I am still puzzled….

    • There are dreams analysts out there and I was connected to one a couple of years ago when I had another really odd dream. Her translation was quite fascinating and made a lot of sense.

      I was told once that if you have a vivid dream featuring loved ones who have passed on, it is their way of making contact. Whilst I’m open/broadminded, I’m not sure what to make of that.

      Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting! 🙂 Come visit again soon. X

  3. I dream about my dad who is dead all the time. i hope it is a way of connecting. A dream I have regularly is that I’m going somewhere important and the only clothes I have to wear are in the wash basket so I’m basically scrabbling around in dirty clothes for something to wear. I always wake up in a cold sweat 🙂

    • I’m no dreams analyst but I’d translate your recurring dream to mean that you’re someone who is always concerned about what people think of you and you’re forever wanting to make the best impression? Does that work?

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Great to see you here. Please tell me what your first name is – I always want to call you by your name and I don’t know it 😉 hehe. X

      • Ha ha – a symptom of my vanity that sounds about right. I can’t tell you my first name because then I’d have to kill you 🙂

  4. I don’t think dreams mean anything, really, I think they’re just the way our subconscious plays out – dreams usually show things you’re worried about, deep rooted fears and insecurities – and, of course, they’re also very often related to what we’ve just been watching on telly or what we’re reading. It’s odd how we dream of people we haven’t seen or thought of for years – but ‘they’ do say that every memory is stored there somewhere, so perhaps there was some thing about them that connects with whatever we are concerned about at the moment; even if we don’t know that’s what we’re concerned about.

    I don’t think there’s any hidden meaning to them – I think people just want to believe there is! I reckon a lot of dream analysis has about as much bearing on reality as fortune telling, to be honest 🙂

    • I definitely believe dreams come from the subconscious and ‘real time’ life issues, anxieties, etc., and so there are meanings albeit not as bizarre as loved ones making contact, perhaps.

      Thanks for dropping in and commenting again Terry. Always good to see you here. X

      • Hi Alice

        That was a weird dream Have no idea! I can never remember my dreams, though I would like to as sometimes it seems as if they might be significant. Some of my friends have real Godly dreams like they are getting a sign or an encouragement, but not me. When I was a little girl I have a recurring dream.

      • Hi Alice, I wasn’t able to finish my comment as I got some wording come up which blocked my comment space so I couldn’t see what I was writing. I will try to continue here. When I was a little girl I have a recurring dream which was that I was walking home from school into an estate where I supposedly lived (I actually lived on the main road in front of the estate) but I could never find my house. Quite disturbing. Don’t know what it means. Will have to stop now and those blockages have come up again and I can’t see what I am writing..

  5. Hi Rosie, I used to have a recurring dream as a child too. I would always wake up terrified from it. It was a group of about 4 shadows in adult male form closing in on me. I can’t attribute it to anything going on back then. I have an idea about your childhood dream and will talk to you about that when I see you on the 1st. X

  6. Seems to me that, like supernatural phenomena there’s no one easy explanation at all, but several, that match several different kinds of dreams. I’d guess that your anxiousness and worry that the tramp had stolen money illustrates a fear of being conned or ripped off by someone, or even that you need more money (as we all do!). And the talkative black man with make up? Sounds a lot like Little Richard. I think often dreams are a sort of the brain cataloging experience, but also when you;re worrying about something you often dream about it (such as dreaming missing the train to reach an important interview next day). Those who believe in alternative time theories believe that in sleep we ‘move out of time’, thus explaining apparently clairvoyant dreams, that many people have. Then again people often dream about people they were close to who have died. Is it their way of making contact with us? Who knows.
    Anyway a really interesting one Alice, thoroughly enjoyed it. Jung thought dreams were important. And they’re really useful as a device to build up tension when you’re writing a moody thriller

    • I think your perception that I need more money is probably correct! Being unemployed it’s naturally always on my mind. Yes, that guy was like Little Richard with Will I. Am thrown in for good measure! 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed this post Geoff. I always appreciate your visits and comments. X

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