Last chance to buy! The end of an era… ;)

As of yesterday it’s exactly a year since ♥THE MAN IN A HAYSTACK♥ was published. Thank you all for your support since then – it’s been much appreciated and you’ve helped me achieve Amazon best seller status. There’s not a lot else to accomplish and I feel it’s time to change direction. Therefore, as of 1 December I’m taking the book out of publication so that I can completely detach myself and concentrate on other things. I’ll continue to blog from time to time as I’ve always enjoyed that so please continue to visit, however if you want to buy ♥THE MAN IN A HAYSTACK♥ there’s only a couple of weeks left to do so. Perfect for the ladies in your lives, and especially at Christmas. It’s a fab stocking filler. ♥

Click to buy HERE. 🙂

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BookViewTV interview

I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity of a video interview with the wonderful Denis G Campbell – editor of UK Progressive, BBC and radio contributor, journalist, author and entrepreneur – for his YouTube channel BookViewTV. Wow, it was scary feeling so exposed. I have spoken many times on webcam in the past (as those of you who have read THE MAN IN A HAYSTACK will verify) but this was a whole different ball game. I knew that if I declined the invitation I would very likely live to regret it, as who knows what doors could open as a result. I knew I had to embrace the opportunity and that’s what I did. It was a very exciting new experience!

The whole process lasted only 45 minutes and the interview was filmed in 3 parts. In it I talk about the frustration caused by confusing signals from guys when searching for Mr Right, the fundamentals of what women are looking for in their ideal man, and much more, including of course, THE MAN IN A HAYSTACK.

My first couple of minutes were scary and I think my nerves showed although other people have said I come across very confident. After that though I relaxed and enjoyed it very much. The best fun has been reading and hearing all the feedback after the videos were uploaded which I’m relieved to say has all been very positive. Phew! 😉

I hope you enjoy them. Each one lasts approximately 8-10 minutes.




What is love?

What-Is-Love-Wallpaper-Final_550“What I’m looking for in a man is someone who fits like a glove. I want to feel so comfortable in his presence that I don’t have to put on an act for fear of him not liking who I am. I want to feel a rush of excitement and a burning desire to be with him all the time. When I first went out with Russ, I was constantly excited and on top of the world. Even though he wasn’t my usual type, the physical attraction was immense. I couldn’t get enough of him and felt nauseous when I wasn’t with him – I think that’s the definition of being ‘love sick’. Two years later a friend asked me if I still felt tingly when I kissed him and my answer was yes. I felt an animal magnetism towards him. I want to feel that again with someone else. As I have felt it with other men I know it exists. Ivan clearly felt it with me because he just couldn’t stop touching and looking at me. It would have been great if I’d felt the same but there again is it simply lust? How do you know whether you’re in love or lust?”

–          Excerpt from The Man in a Haystack © Alice Huskisson 2012

Therein lies the problem. Do love and lust go hand in hand? Can love survive without lust? For many years I confused the two. I have felt excruciating emotional pain when a relationship predominantly based on sex ended abruptly and prematurely, but I have felt similarly when a relationship with a strong foundation of friendship topped with a regular helping of ‘sexy time’ has drawn to a close.

I really wish we could turn back time and experience courting in the 1930s and 1940s when people took things slowly and apparently fell in love before any ‘funny business’ or ‘how’s your father’ took place. It is those marriages which stood Continue reading

My new book trailer… THE MAN IN A HAYSTACK

I’ve spent all day re-working my book trailer to incorporate the new branding. Even though the previous trailer won an award, the statistics at YouTube indicated that most people weren’t watching it through to the end, so I knew that I had to shorten the new one to make it more effective. I’ve managed to reduce it by 1 minute so hopefully it’s much more watchable. What do you think?

‘Meet The Author’ guest slot ;)

meAug2013dI am honoured to have been interviewed for ‘Meet The Author’ at K M Francoeur’s wonderful blog. Please do drop by and have a read, learn a little about me and my dating memoir, THE MAN IN A HAYSTACK. 🙂

Book review: MY ALIEN SELF My Journey Back To Me – by Amanda Green

my alien selfI had been itching to read this book for such a long time and when life finally allowed me the time to do so I wasn’t disappointed with what I found!

Amanda has certainly led a full and varied life and there were many parts of this memoir which I could resonate with, drawing parallels with my own life experiences. There were other instances which simply intrigued and fascinated me and frankly left me in awe.

The underlying purpose of this memoir is to raise awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder, what it means, how it affects sufferers’ lives (and those around them), and what treatments are available. It follows Amanda’s very own journey from the first indications that something wasn’t quite right, to the realisation that actually there is a name for this disorder, and then her treatment and care plan following her route to recovery and finding her true self. Like any memoir, it has some very dark moments, but there are also some very positive and uplifting moments, Continue reading

I lost my mojo… and then it returned! YAY! Changes afoot ;)


You’ll perhaps notice that I haven’t posted in quite a while despite the fact that I’m always passionate about my blog. I love the process of writing quirky posts and receiving comments and ‘likes’, both of which feel like rewards for my efforts and serve to motivate me for my next post.

In June, a holiday in St David’s, Pembrokeshire was approaching and I was very much looking forward to it. I felt the need for a serious rest and wanted to clear my head of negative thoughts surrounding my writing journey and return refreshed, fired up and ready to crack on with a vengeance.

I’d been trying for months to add to the sequel of THE MAN IN A HAYSTACK and it gradually dawned on me that the reason I was struggling to get motivated was Continue reading

What would you save first from a house fire?

I’m very sentimental and nostalgic. I take after my Dad in that way. He was a keen photographer and when he went to meet his Maker he left behind about 30 Southend-on-Sea-20130618-00053photo albums which he had compiled with great love and dedication over many years. Photos were organised in year order and placed alongside special birthday and Christmas cards, newspaper cuttings, letters to and from loved ones, and literally anything Dad thought would be best preserved, remembered and enjoyed for many years to come. I inherited his library of albums and if there is ever a house fire (God forbid!) they will be the first things I save, after myself and loved ones naturally. They are irreplaceable and hold such wonderful memories of all the family. They tell our story. I like to think that when Continue reading

Dreams… what do they all mean? ;)

Did you miss me? I wasn’t able to blog last week due to being without an Internet connection but I’m back in the room now and normal service is resumed.

sleepingladyThis week I’m talking about dreams. I’ve always found them fascinating. What do they all mean? I love trying to work mine out – I try to translate them in to my ‘real time’ life, my thoughts and concerns. Here’s one I had at the weekend. Picture this…

I was sitting on a long bench in the middle of a busy shopping centre with my Mum (who passed away in 1999). The bench was the sort you’d see in a park. We were taking part in a training course – for what exactly, I don’t know. We weren’t alone either; there were other people seated and participating also.

Then it was clearly time to wrap up as people began to stand ready to leave. There was a gentleman sitting opposite us, a black man, and I knew he was once very famous in the music world. (I’m thinking, Continue reading

My paranormal experiences

As promised in last week’s blog (Meeting Mr Ghostie…) I’ve had several other experiences which I have attributed to the paranormal. They commenced from the time my Mum passed away in January 1999 until the day of my aunt’s funeral six years later. During those six years my Dad had departed us too in November 2000. I mention these bereavements because my gut instinct has always told me that most of my experiences were connected.

I shall recall the incidents in the order they occurred and will begin with Mum’s passing on 4 January 1999 from a most horrifying disease called Motor Neurone Disease (Lou Gehrig’s Disease/ALS).

Mum and I could not have loved each other more – I had so much love for her that my heart could have burst with it. She was mumalso my best friend. I told her everything because I felt she never judged me and was always proud of me. I struggled emotionally with her terminal diagnosis but had always kept strong in her and my Dad’s company as I didn’t want to add to their misery.

It was just a matter of days following my Mum’s demise that I was awoken from my sleep by the back of my neck being tickled; a definite feeling of finger tips on skin. It wasn’t Continue reading