Two years ago today…


Look at the picture above… it’s all smiles and fun! It was taken at work two years ago today. I’m the lady on the far right, and whilst I’m outwardly smiling and apparently having a great time, the truth is, scratch the surface and I was actually crying inside, desperately sad, and very fearful of my future.

You see, 28 years, 4 months and 16 days earlier, I had started my first (and only) full time job as a clerk in a bank. I had made many life long friends over the years, several of whom you’ll see in these photos, and I’d enjoyed countless social events, dated several male colleagues (almost married one!), been the subject of scandal and rumour (oh, what fun!), cried tears of laughter so many times, and most important of all absolutely LOVED my work! There were only 6 weeks of my working life at the bank where I was unhappy and I think that’s quite remarkable. I used to listen to colleagues moaning and griping Continue reading