BookViewTV interview

I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity of a video interview with the wonderful Denis G Campbell – editor of UK Progressive, BBC and radio contributor, journalist, author and entrepreneur – for his YouTube channel BookViewTV. Wow, it was scary feeling so exposed. I have spoken many times on webcam in the past (as those of you who have read THE MAN IN A HAYSTACK will verify) but this was a whole different ball game. I knew that if I declined the invitation I would very likely live to regret it, as who knows what doors could open as a result. I knew I had to embrace the opportunity and that’s what I did. It was a very exciting new experience!

The whole process lasted only 45 minutes and the interview was filmed in 3 parts. In it I talk about the frustration caused by confusing signals from guys when searching for Mr Right, the fundamentals of what women are looking for in their ideal man, and much more, including of course, THE MAN IN A HAYSTACK.

My first couple of minutes were scary and I think my nerves showed although other people have said I come across very confident. After that though I relaxed and enjoyed it very much. The best fun has been reading and hearing all the feedback after the videos were uploaded which I’m relieved to say has all been very positive. Phew! 😉

I hope you enjoy them. Each one lasts approximately 8-10 minutes.




6 thoughts on “BookViewTV interview

  1. Really interesting viewing Alice, you came across brilliantly, well done. Denis seemed a really kind and likeable man, and the talk between the two of you went so well that it was compulsive viewing. Congratulations, very well done

    • I know that Denis managed to cleverly edit out a couple of bits, one of which was in danger of giving something away, so I was very grateful to him for that. Thanks for watching it and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. X

  2. Hi Alice

    It was a good interview and nice to see you speaking for real, having known you via Twitter for quite some time. I feel personally that everyone’s experiences are individual to them. The things you have experienced ring true for me too, coming from the opposite side of the spectrum. I guess the bottom line is, love is never easy… and finding love is even more difficult than maintaining it.


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