What would you save first from a house fire?

I’m very sentimental and nostalgic. I take after my Dad in that way. He was a keen photographer and when he went to meet his Maker he left behind about 30 Southend-on-Sea-20130618-00053photo albums which he had compiled with great love and dedication over many years. Photos were organised in year order and placed alongside special birthday and Christmas cards, newspaper cuttings, letters to and from loved ones, and literally anything Dad thought would be best preserved, remembered and enjoyed for many years to come. I inherited his library of albums and if there is ever a house fire (God forbid!) they will be the first things I save, after myself and loved ones naturally. They are irreplaceable and hold such wonderful memories of all the family. They tell our story. I like to think that when Continue reading

Dreams… what do they all mean? ;)

Did you miss me? I wasn’t able to blog last week due to being without an Internet connection but I’m back in the room now and normal service is resumed.

sleepingladyThis week I’m talking about dreams. I’ve always found them fascinating. What do they all mean? I love trying to work mine out – I try to translate them in to my ‘real time’ life, my thoughts and concerns. Here’s one I had at the weekend. Picture this…

I was sitting on a long bench in the middle of a busy shopping centre with my Mum (who passed away in 1999). The bench was the sort you’d see in a park. We were taking part in a training course – for what exactly, I don’t know. We weren’t alone either; there were other people seated and participating also.

Then it was clearly time to wrap up as people began to stand ready to leave. There was a gentleman sitting opposite us, a black man, and I knew he was once very famous in the music world. (I’m thinking, Continue reading